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Natural History Museum Drawings

We spent the day at the Natural History Museum yesterday, and the assignment was to draw the animals in context. It had to be clear through the drawings that these animals were specimens in a museum. I love literary theory in connection … Continue reading

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Gerenuks and Dali Elephants

To me, there is practically nothing creepier than Salvador Dali’s elephants. Those huge animals on strange, long brittle legs holding up temples and obelisks create this unexplainably nightmarish and frightening scene. But they are also very inspiring. Dali’s art is in general too creepy and uncomfortable for … Continue reading

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Life Drawing: October and November

Life drawing is not my forte. Not only have I never taken drawing classes, let alone drawing people, but I’ve also never consciously tried to capture “life force” in my artworks before. So it’s basically completely different to anything I’ve done before. … Continue reading

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Hampstead Dogs

So I went to Hampstead not so long ago in this mishmash of October days, ate at a small French cafe and started drawing the dogs passing through the side street. There is one dog per second in Hampstead. Of all shapes, sizes … Continue reading

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