Before/After and some more editing

I spoke to my mentor today for feedback on my animation so far and she gave me the following things to possibly work on (I will try and do as many of them as I can because it turns out these points are exactly in line with what I had been struggling to improve):

  • Make the text at 0:05 slightly larger? Ok for the big screen, but too small for a youtube viewing.
  • Could you make the line of all the animation a lighter colour (grey/brown).  Seems too harsh.
  • Could you add slightly more to the bg at 0:37?  The bg is strikingly empty when it cuts from the previous scene.
  • Motion blur to animation at 0:56 is a little distracting. can you remove it?
  • At 2:51 could you move the BG around?  It appears a fixed camera, but the animation suggests the camera is tracking the bird.

I love the idea of making the linework brown, I think this will fix my issue with character linework vs. background linework.

I’ve been motivating myself by looking at old storyboards and animatics from back in February and how things have progressed!

Shot 7: Storyboard 01/26/2017

Shot 7: Animatic 20/02/2017

Shot 7: Animation 22/05/2017

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