Final animation minus effects

I’ve finally finished all of the most grueling parts of this project and am now on to effects! I’ve checked with a few people who had never seen my film and didn’t know the story whether they understood the ending and luckily they all did, so I can keep it as it is! I still need to find a way to fix the odd contrast between the background linework and the linework of my animated characters as was mentioned by my professors in the rough crit assessment on Friday, but apart from that, I can go on to After Effects now! I’ve figured out that post production is my favorite, favorite part of filmmaking (along with pre-production actually!) so I am very happy to have 3 weeks left for this.

I’ve gotten some provisional dialogue for all my characters though I hope to soon have a real 5 or 6 year old to voice the little boy (currently it is an adult voiceover with pitch changes).

I’m using online guides to help me with my AE effects (I’m using royalty special effects for my sandstorm, debris, sun, etc.). I’m also going back to my notes from first year which are actually super helpful at the moment!

Quickly Keying Out Black Backgrounds in After Effects

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