Done with Clean Up

A still of one of the most time-consuming shots. It is supposed to hint at the ending without revealing it too much either. It took me several weeks to have this scene not only cleaned up, but also figured out as a whole. It was hard to make the interaction work.

I’m finally done with cleaning up my animation (link), though I am missing some “secondary” animation like the ants crawling in Shot 12, or the bird flying with the boy in the extreme long shot of the camp (Shot 24). But I am so happy to finally be done with the rest of the cleaned up animation!

How my Shots have Evolved

At the end of the clean up stage it is funny to look back at home much certain shots have changed from my original idea,

Shot 23 from the beginning of March, not yet animated. Ground meant to recede beneath feet.

Shot 32 today. More realistic run cycle, background will zoom out as it does in this reference video.


I also like seeing how the different references I used have come together to make the shot I want. I never trace reference video material, however I often copy the movement precisely. For my bird in shot 23 for example, I copied the movement of this viral slow-motion gif of a parrot running, but I did not trace, and only used the key frames:

And with this dramatic fire-evading budgerigar I end my post, and I repeat, I am done with the cleaning up. May the Fourth be with you.

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