Cleaning up

I finally finished in-betweening (minus a few frames here and there that I will only do during the cleaning up phase or else I would loose time, such as repeats or very subtle movements). My animatic also contains some scale issues (e.g. the boy is too small compared to the bird at the end of shot 7), but this is also something I want to fix while doing the clean up. I’ve added a few sound effects to my animatic, some might not be final sound effects but I wanted to test some ideas for scene transitions.

Transitions are currently an issue for me, as I do not want to revert to fade outs for all three major scene changes, and I want to find something creative for the transition from the extreme long shot of the camp (shot 3) and the sudden medium shot that follows it.

This animatic has therefore a few tests in it. I also deleted the dialogue because I still need to fine tune the script and find 2 arabic speaking voice actors. At the moment I am looking on Fiverr for this.

I also forgot to mention that what is currently a blank sand-coloured square as my film opens is actually supposed to be a sandstorm that slowly fades to reveal the camp. I am hoping to buy (or find royalty free) some sort of sandstorm vector or green screen type footage. Or I’ll animate a few little bits of things going across the screen to ‘show’ the wind (as in the opening shot of this animation by Robert Loebel).

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