Updated Animatic

I’ve updated my animatic with my current progress. I plan on finishing keyframing by April 4th, and my goal is to have finished inbetweening my 6 top-priority shots (the ones that need the most detail and effort) by this Saturday 8th, my 7 medium-priority shots by Monday 10th, and the remaining 18 shots by Friday the 14th. I want to have the rest of April to clean up and color as much as I can, to end up with most of May freed up for editing and sound.

Top priority shots: 23 hours for all keys/inbetweens (approx. 3 days)
Medium priority shots: 11 hours for all keys/inbetweens (approx. 1.5 days)
Low priority shots: 18 hours (approx. 3 days)
Least priority shots: 4 hours (approx. 1/2 day)

I have not made a proper model sheet for Bana, the woman who appears in one scene in my film as Sydu’s caretaker and to whom he shows his bird. Instead I drew the two close up shots she appears in (Shot 17 and 19) by placing them next to each other to make sure facial features matched properly despite the very different angles. In Shot 17 she is passive and unconcerned, and in shot 19, very sad.

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