Color Script

I recently found out that Pixar uses “color scripts” to determine the overall look of their film in terms of colors, how the colors change over the course of the story, and the way color helps evoke different emotions over different scenes. I found this extremely helpful for my project as I have a lot of backgrounds and was struggling to keep a sense of unity in my color ideas for each scene. This took me 5 full days to complete, especially due to the many trial-and-error moments I had, but making thumbnails of every single shot on one page like this has saved me probably 2 weeks if not more of work. I’ll now get back to animating, but making a color script has motivated me a lot.

The time of day changes throughout my film, from afternoon to sundown, and sunrise to morning. The most difficult part of making the color script was transitioning properly from one to the other, especially the transition between sunrise and morning, which had to be very quick, but subtle as well.

Here are examples of my process for some of the more difficult shots:


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