Youtube videos as reference

This week I’ve done a lot of research into videos that I could use for reference alongside my current live action takes. The shots I am particularly struggling with are the ones in which the little boy is running, so I’ve looked up a lot of youtube videos on child walking cycles, where they are similar to adult runs and where they are different. It seems like the main difference is the speed of the child’s run, as well as the fact that it is much more ‘wobbly’ and unbalanced, and each step varies slightly from the previous step (much more inconsistent than an adult run). The short arms and legs also make a difference in the movement.

I also want to make the animation of my bird as realistic as possible, so Im looking at videos of birds drinking in a birdbath for Shot 13. As mentioned previously, I am using real bird references even when the motion is supposed to be more cloth-like than bird-like.

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