I’ve finally (practically…) finished key framing the entire film, which is now at 2 minutes and 40 seconds though I hope this will go down a few seconds once I’ve trimmed a few more shots. I’m now working on key-framing the 2 remaining characters: the child’s caretaker in the shot of the tent, and most importantly the bird/cloth character.

Our acting tutor Marshall Betz suggested that I mingle birdlike motion with cloth-like motion in the animation of the bird, so that the revelation at the end that it is actually a cloth is less sudden, and also more credible and interesting story-wise. He also suggested I make the baby bird’s motion very influenceable by the environment, as an inanimate object would be. I had thought about this myself before at the start of this project but I was afraid this would look too obvious on the bird. Marshall made me realize that actually this light, clumsy, prone-to-the-elements aspect could be simply dismissed as a baby attribute, adding ‘cuteness’. It’s easy to tell by that “Baby ducks blown off their feet by the wind” video that has no less than 36,579,950 views on youtube, and which I am definitely using for reference in Shot 9, when the boy finds the bird.

Here is my animatic as of today:

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