Live Action takes

This week I’ve added keyframes to my animatic (minus one difficult-to-animate shot, Shot 8, and a couple keyframes in Shot 24.) Today I had a tutorial with Marshall Betz doing live action takes of the scenes I was struggling with, and it’s been extremely helpful. He’s also given me a few suggestions to improve some scenes plot-wise, and a suggestion to do with the motion of the ‘bird’ considering it is actually a cloth. I will give the bird’s motion some hints of the way a cloth would move, for example by making it very influenced by its environment (e.g. gusts of wind). I’ve yet to animate these ideas but this will be done by the end of this weekend, or Monday latest.

Here are a couple of those (very embarrassing) videos:


I’ve also met with my mentor and she suggested that I make a ‘production sheet’ – a single image that represents the way the post-production final shots will look – to help me make sure I keep an overall style throughout the shots by constantly referring back to that image. Here it is:


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