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Bird character design

This week I’ve worked on the character design of the baby bird. I want him (her?) to be this sweet, joyful ball of life, but with a tinge of sadness in its expressions, and a feeling of helplessness in its movements (which also … Continue reading

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I’ve finally (practically…) finished key framing the entire film, which is now at 2 minutes and 40 seconds though I hope this will go down a few seconds once I’ve trimmed a few more shots. I’m now working on key-framing … Continue reading

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Live Action takes

This week I’ve added keyframes to my animatic (minus one difficult-to-animate shot, Shot 8, and a couple keyframes in Shot 24.) Today I had a tutorial with Marshall Betz doing live action takes of the scenes I was struggling with, and it’s been extremely helpful. … Continue reading

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How my story evolved

Over the past two weeks I’ve taken suggestions from professors and course mates in order to improve my film, and taken notes on them in order to then later decide which ones I want to use. Here are all the … Continue reading

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