Inspiration Collage for ENO Project

This term we will be doing a 3-minute group film project due in December, in the themes of this year’s three English National Opera performances. We will each be pitching an idea, due at the beginning of next month, so I have been brainstorming and this post will have all of the inspirational images and texts I find online over the next couple weeks. I would like to make a film inspired by Handel’s Partenope, but will be focusing on the original myth of Partenope. In Greek mythology Parthenope was a half-bird, half-human siren who cast herself into the sea and drowned after failing to seduce Odysseus with her song. Her body washes up on the shore of Naples [1]. In another story, it is Zeus who transforms her into Naples [2]. The themes in my film will revolve around the male gaze, desirability, and the idea that man constructs/confirms ‘woman’.

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In creating the character of Parthenope I will also be taking slight inspiration from some of Lui Xue’s anthropomorphic sculptures, although less grotesque.

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