My draft animatic (And title in progress!)

Over the past few weeks I’ve started making my animatic for my film on Keats’ poem, and I’m quite happy with it. My voice artist Louis Cardona is an MA Acting graduate from CSM as well, and he’s done a really great job voicing my character. I’m also super happy because my favorite composer Jordi Savall agreed to let me use his music! The audio still needs some tweeking but much of the keyframing is done and soon I’ll have nothing but the backgrounds left. Hopefully by the end of next week!


I took my inspiration for Thomas’s room from a scene in the 2009 film “Bright Star”, in which we see Keats taking care of his brother in a cramped room bathed in dark blues and greens.

prideprejud copy

As I could not find many examples of the way the Elgin Marbles were layed out in the old British Museum at Montague house, I used the layout of Mr. Darcey’s private collection of sculptures in “Pride and Prejudice” (2003) as my inspiration for the gallery scenes.

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