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Creature design inspiration

I love simple designs that convey a lot in just a little. For my creature design project, I will do research on the behavior and anatomy/motion of various animals and combine them into a creature of my own. I’ve been looking … Continue reading

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Weight and Effort

This is a quite late post of my animations from early November. The exercise was to make animations demonstrating weight (lifting) and effort (pushing or pulling). My “lift” animation is a hand drawn line test of a mama penguin lifting up baby … Continue reading

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Walk Cycles

First attempts at walk cycles: The first is a human mood-change walk based on my circus janitor character Tilly. She sees a sign and changes mood from energetic to depressed. The second is an animal walk cycle practice (warm-up for our creature … Continue reading

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Film Analysis: Michel Ocelot’s “Kirikou et la Sorciere”

This semester we were asked to present a short 8-minute film analysis of an animated movie from our native country. I am French and chose Michel Ocelot’s Kirikou et la Sorciere (1998), which was incredibly successful in France, and is part of most … Continue reading

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Character design of Tilly

Tilly is a circus janitor. She cleans the stage after the shows. It’s been her job for 4 years, since leaving the orphanage at the age of 16. It’s a lonely job, and she has very few friends. The circus … Continue reading

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