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Hampstead Dogs

So I went to Hampstead not so long ago in this mishmash of October days, ate at a small French cafe and started drawing the dogs passing through the side street. There is one dog per second in Hampstead. Of all shapes, sizes … Continue reading

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Week Two: Boundin’

Poll of the day: What is more annoying? • This dancing lion • The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything • The bouncy little fluffkin on the left (careful, fluffkins have feelings too.) This week has involved a lot … Continue reading

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About Me

I am a writer, artist and animal-lover, and I am obsessed with animation. To me, it’s where I form the knot between my art, my storytelling, and my perception of the world. I am passionate about human emotions and the vulnerability we … Continue reading

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Week One: I Survived!

After the initial exhilaration at my acceptance letter from CSM, I’d been spending the summer completely terrified of starting my MA at an art school, in a class of (mostly) design, fine arts, and illustration graduates, when my own background in art was completely self-taught. But … Continue reading

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