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My film idea was not chosen because 2 of the 3 ENO members did not like the fact that I told the original myth rather than sticking to the opera, but I am now working with an awesome group on a cute and romantic comedy based on a different side of the Partenope opera: The love triangle between Rosmira, Arsache and Partenope, which is the comedic core of the opera. The director of our film wanted to be a modern take on this love story, involving all the eccentricities of Rosmira’s personality as she tries to win back the love of her life, including cross-dressing (a much criticized aspect of the original Handel opera back in the 1730’s).


Character designs by Chiara Moreni (director)

The overall style of the animation is quite different from my own style, although the style of character design is actually not too different for me and I am not too out of my element when animating them. However, I am really happy to be gaining experience working or somebody else’s idea rather than my own, adapting to their form of animation and getting familar with a group project animation which simulates on a small scale the way things are in animation studios.

I’m currently working on animating and in-betweening 4 shots, and in-betweening a 5th one, but not more as I am focusing mostly on background design. We are 3 background designers (with some animation to do) and 2 animators (who will probably help with background coloring). It’s going super well and we already feel ahead. One small problem though… the client, ENO, has been having second thoughts on the idea, especially the comedy aspect, and we have had to make compromises on the story development.


My first completed and colored background (with character for reference). It will actually not be used in the final film upon revision of the story after the clients’ comments.

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